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Overview: Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity

The Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity arose out of the need provide consistent and sustainable support to vulnerable people. It is a Non For Profit organisation set up to raise funds to support children and families in the Cape Verde Islands. The money raised is to help in the key focus areas of:

  • Food &Nutrition
  • Health Care
  • Education.

The Diaspora

Cabo Verde has historically been characterised by Emigration. According to the Migration Policy Institute, its diaspora community has over the centuries spread over 25 countries across Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The International Migration Organisation estimates that number of Cabo Verdeans living abroad today double the number of domestic residents. 700,000 Cabo Verdeans live abroad, mainly in the United States (260,000) and Europe (including 100,000 people in Portugal).

Poverty in Cabo Verde

Poverty in Cape Verde is an issue aggravated by the fact that the majority of the rural population tend to live off agriculture. But due to the lack of rainfall harvests tend to fail. The United Nations Cabo Verde says that country suffers particular vulnerability, with regard to the environment and opportunities to develop. “Even though Cape Verde’s poverty rates have fallen substantially, a quarter of the population still lives in poverty.”

United Nations Cabo Verde identified education and access to healthcare as some of the key challenged in Cape Verde. We believe that these two, along with access to food are the key areas to focus on.

Our work

Given the impact that emigration has had on the Capeverdean society over the years, and the fact that the diaspora makes such an important contribution to the economy of the country, it made sense to set up a diaspora charity with the specific focus of helping address poverty related issues in the islands.

As Capeverdeans (and friends of Cape Verde) we have seen first hand that a significant number of people living in the cities also lack access to basics such as food and healthcare. These families lack the conditions to provide basic nutrition to children and in many cases do not have the means to pay for school materials, transport, clothing, etc.

We set up this project to work with local authorities and other charities to help relieve poverty in Cape Verde. Our key priority is to be able to provide sustainable support to an increasing number of families over time.

Legacy “Cabo Verde na Corason”

Project Cabo Verde na Corason IIThe idea for this project arose following a visit to Cabo Verde in 2014 as part of a government initiative ‘Cabo Verde na Corason II (2014) which aimed at encouraging young people to take a keener interest in issues faced by the country and to themselves look for innovative sustainable solutions.