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Cabo Verde COVID-19 food aid programmeCabo Verde has created a Food Assistance Program led at the national level by the Cape Verdean Foundation for Social Action School (FICASE) to assist families whose income is below the national minimum wage or those without any source of income.

The programme is being implemented in partnership with City Councils, Civil Protection, Armed Forces, Cape Verde Red Cross, Caritas of Cape Verde, NGOs, Ministry of Education Delegations, among other institutions of a social nature. The joint work of these institutions will help centralise resources and avoid duplication of effort to guarantee immediate food assistance to 22,500 of the most vulnerable families, the equivalent to to about 90,000 people in vulnerable situations. This figure includes around 30,000 children and young people in education.

An online donation campaign has been launched and anyone can contribute quickly and safely. The money raised will reinforce the purchase of foodstuffs and hygiene products, which will be distributed to the most economically vulnerable families already identified through the Single Social Register.

Source: FICASE

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