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The National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (INMG), in Sal, announced today the possibility of a “good rainy season and agricultural year”, according to the seasonal forecast for Cape Verde, from June to September 2022.

Ester Brito, administrator of the INMG, explained that for the entire archipelago, the national forecast and that of the consensus point to the probability of normal rains with a tendency to surplus for the first quarter June/July/August and normal rains or around the climatological normal. , of 106.7mm, for the second quarter July/August/September.

According to the results, he also explained that at the regional level, the consensus forecast indicates a “high probability” that rainfall will be equivalent to or greater than the climatological average in most of the Sahelian belt, with generally early start dates, season end dates and late, and dry sequence periods, short, in the western part, and medium in the eastern part.

In view of the forecasts, reiterating that “a good rainy season” and consequently “a good agricultural year” can be expected for this year, the same source indicated that there is a tendency for the beginning of the season to be normal to early, in mid-May. July, the end of the season is late, mid-October, and the dry sequences are short.

Despite having a “good scenario” for this year, considering, however, the geographical situation of the country, in the Sahel area, Ester Brito commented that there is always a probability of dust entering that can reduce the humidity and “totally change”. the scenario being predicted.

Source: Expresso das Ilhas/Inforpress