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The Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity is set up as a UK-based project. Our aim is to raise funds in the diaspora to support basic human provision. We intend to reach the most vulnerable.

Focus Areas

The project focuses on the following areas:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health Care and
  • Education.

Key Idea

The basic idea is to set up a sustainable and consistent method of raising and maintaining a long-term  hardship fund. The fund will in turn provide support to children and families in Cabo Verde.

The Caboverdean Diaspora is spread across the world. Our Diaspora is rich in talent, ideas, motivation and will to help. Given its historical significance it seemed fit to give the Diaspora a primary focus as a resource to strengthen communities back in the Islands. Nonetheless, the support of the wider society at large and the support of friends of Cabo Verde, is also extremely important to grow and maintain a sustainable fund.


The idea for Cabo Verde’s Diaspora Charity arose as a project to provide sustainable support for the poorest within Cabo Verde’s society. This happened following a visit to Cabo Verde in 2014 in the context of an initiative promoted by the then Ministry for the Communities – Cabo Verde na Corason II.

Cabo Verde na Corason II aimed at encouraging young Caboverdeans in the diaspora to think about ideas that could lead to sustained positive impact in specific areas of Cabo Verde’s society. No matter how big or small.

This project is set up as ‘a diaspora charity’ because the Caboverdean diaspora is a vast resource in itself that can potentially provide solid long-term support.